Advertising Lightbox Profile Classification summary

- May 23, 2017-

Light box aluminum profile, is widely used in advertising lightbox made of aluminum profiles, has a beautiful and generous characteristics.

Light box aluminum profiles can be divided into

1. Aluminum Profile with corner light box

Corner light Box Aluminum Profile corner junction is plastic corner

Name: Aluminum profile with corner light box

Spec.: 3cm single-sided, 9cm double-sided, 10cm 12, length 6m

Color: Silver or Black

Use: Used for making forming light box

Accessories: Corner, breathable hole

Advantages: Low cost, beautiful, easy to install

2. Bend Light Box Aluminum profile

Can bend light box aluminum profiles need to use a special bending machine bending into a specific shape, can be folded into square, round, oval, etc., widely used in plastic light box production

Specifications are: 6cm 8cm

3. ultra-thin Light Box Aluminum profile

Open-type ultra-thin light box aluminum profile for the production of various types of ultra-thin light box, with beautiful, easy to replace the screen and other features

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