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- Jul 31, 2017-

Light box for screen production. Back light is the use of transparent PET spray coating, two coating layer, the first layer is a color layer, the second layer is the ink absorbing layer. The material stiffness, elastic; uniform light used in backlight, and has good covering power, not revealing the lamp profile; print exquisite picture, delicate, 100 pcs of /mPET as the substrate, the unique technology to make products with no curl, hit the lights after more bright colors, low price.

1, indoor light, with high quality PET material, printing with high quality artistic sense, ink absorption speed, material is 1.52 meters wide, indoor lights need to mirror spray jet, light film or matte film, mainly used for indoor lighting. Window display and poster display.

2, outdoor lights are sprayed with high quality PET material, printing with high quality artistic sense, ink absorption speed, material width can reach 3.2m, and can be used for printing machine (weak solvent can pass the membrane, but also can not without weak solvent ) and UV (without printing film).

PET UV printing film good transparency, good stiffness, printing fine texture, color soft and full, high temperature resistance, low temperature, waterproof and anti UV fading. Use: high-end shopping malls, traffic station, subway, airport, chain stores, and made large advertisements on windows, posters, light boxes, lamps and other crafts studio, exhibition place, enhancing the image of the product.

UV inkjet printer is a large inkjet printer, the accuracy is optional, accuracy range: 360DPI - 1440DPI. The working principle of UV inkjet printer is a nozzle for a color, at least to have the four basic colors of C, K, M, Y to printing exquisite patterns, according to the requirements of the image color gradient effect and color smoothness of increasing the number of nozzles to meet the requirements.

Advertising industry is generally used in the traditional process, but its small batch, high cost problems have not been resolved, even if the heat transfer is also the material has to withstand the temperature range requirements. UV inkjet printer features single piece printing and LED as cold light source. It is suitable for any flat material. Make it unique in the advertising industry. UV printing machine is suitable for glass, wood, PVC, PP, PE, textile, aluminum, organic glass board, board, acrylic board, MDF, Schaeffer plate or sheet metal surface, used in advertising, exhibition services, POP billboards, reflective signs, indicate any signs, acrylic, leather, printing media airport light boxes, printing, advertising, banner ads, bus body spray, spray, spray, car bus advertising exhibition areas such as the graphic materials, can be said to become an independent advertising equipment in advertising.




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