Cloth light Box LED lamp to make the choice of which kind of substrate?

- May 23, 2017-

We all know that led beads need to be strung together to use materials, so what is this material? Use different materials to produce the effect is not the same, then how to choose one of the most suitable, let's do a comparison below.

LED light strips used in the production of the base board generally has 3 kinds, thermal fiberglass plate, aluminum substrate, fiberglass board.

1, heat-dissipation glass brazing plate for 8MM no heat dissipation, aluminum substrate for 12MM wide materials to foot.

2, the glass brazing plate can design the round screw fixed hole position, and fixed the clamp, the aluminum base plate buckles The fixed lamp strip on the aluminum base board also has the hole position to be possible to fasten the lamp strip both to tie the tie.

3, the glass brazing plate using single line polar connection advantage is to save the cost can be free to arrange the spacing, the later replacement of a light is more convenient, but at the same time to overhaul the inspection brought great inconvenience: a line has an aging short-circuit scratch the whole lightbox to rest.

Single-line connection for pressure drop is also powerless, specific performance in the light box for the left or right or up and down brightness difference obvious. Single installation arrangement of efficiency is very low, a light box installation lamp time than the efficiency of a good line 5-10 times slower, for small light box is not obvious, if it is an airport, a wall, an underground channel, the drawbacks are very obvious.

Aluminum substrate for both ends of the two-wire connection a string of a total of 4 sets of two copper wire because all four groups can enter the voltage completely solved the problem of uneven brightness, at the same time, not because the cut a line of the whole light box is not bright, reduce the probability of failure, troubleshooting can be quickly specific to the group of LED lamp bead problem.

The replacement of a single light bar is relatively imperfect, two methods, one is to reduce the above line to put a new one to use electrician tape insulation. Another need to iron, remove the buckle, the lamp strip to replace the new, cover buckle.

Aluminum substrate Most of the manufacturers in accordance with the needs of customers to customize different spacing, with the light box aluminum frame standardization, most of the 6-15cm thickness manufacturers are doing the normal spacing to meet most of the light box arrangement.

In summary: LED aluminum substrate lamp in the applicable life, luminous consistency, in the late maintenance of large-scale projects have an irresistible advantage, which is why in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities, the large advertising light box manufacturers choose led aluminum substrate roll shutter lights reason.

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