Drawing Light Box Backlight installation note

- May 23, 2017-

Pull Cloth light Box backlight installation Note:

1. Pull cloth back light screw hole broken, if the back is conductive back plate (such as: aluminum plate, iron, etc.) screw holes will be conductive to the back plate, resulting in the lamp bead burned to death, 3 lights not light or a lamp bead burning the situation. The back plate is electrically conductive, to add buttons, the screws on the button, so that you can avoid the screw holes in the lamp, the lamp and the back plate conductive to burn the lamp, the floor is best to use the white compression plate to do the floor, try not to break the hole, screw with a small point.

2. Before installation, light the lamp bar with the power test point to ensure that the lamp does not have dead lights, bad lights, no light to install the case, to ensure that in the transport process did not occur light bar damage.

3. The lamp does not connect one end of the light box without wiring at the end of the line is not connected to the use of plastic wrap up, do not light in the case of the other line to have conductive things, such as encounter, will lead to short-circuit the lamp bead burned to death. Do not contact a conductive object in the case of a wire-tin point. This is happening to a lot of customers now. I mistook it for the problem of the lamp.

4. Light box backplane is conductive back plate (such as: iron, aluminum plate, etc.) to add buttons, the screws on the button.

5. The lamp is generally connected with 20 1 strings for the best, the lamp bar commander will appear step-down situation, step-down is even the power of the light bar on the bright spot, to the back start brightness is not the front of the high. The power cord of the big light box is best to use 4.0 line. GB 2.5 line is a little small, sometimes will burn the power cord situation, also will appear the main line of power is hot situation.

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