High Quality Waterproof Canvas Fabric for computer painting-shenzhen gasser

- Aug 01, 2017-

Canvas is a coating on a specific cloth base to prevent oil, solvent, water and other penetration coating foundation, used to draw oil paintings of cloth. Used to spray, photo, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes, such as coated cloth, also known as oil canvas. The materials used for hand drawn canvas are mainly flat cotton, linen, and linen. Chemical fiber cloth is extremely smooth and smooth. It is suitable for printing.

According to the material can be divided into: linen canvas, cotton canvas, chemical fiber (polyester) canvas, cotton (55% linen, 45% cotton) canvas, canvas of other materials

Hand painted canvas: stable size, strong elasticity, texture clear, no cracking, strong durability, good weatherability, width thickness, close thick, smooth, flexibility, impact resistance, feather particle pore node, special organization, meet the painting creation, collection and preservation of oil canvas requirements.

Painting cloth: smooth, gloss, texture, the fastness of the coating coating, pinhole, crimp, waterproof, oily, water adsorption of dye and pigment ink infiltration, inkjet printing resolution.

Indoor and outdoor advertising, lamp boxes, cloth and other requirements of strong substrate, coating weather resistance.

When cotton is used for hand drawing, tightly knit cotton canvas is often used as a canvas in the period when the fabric is not easy to be obtained, but because of its perishable, easy to mildew, damp and difficult to dry, continuous relaxation, it brings a lot of trouble to the painter.But when use it in painting area, the texture is very good.


Chemical fiber (polyester) has excellent properties as a canvas, there is a disadvantage it may embrittlement in the future, and not like the texture of cloth painter. Suitable for use in jet painting.


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