Performance characteristics of single pastry light box

- May 23, 2017-

The performance characteristics of its single point food Lightbox are as follows:

1, the appearance is exquisite, ultra thin ultra light. Light box thinnest can be thin to 2 cm, lightest light to 0.5kg;

2, than the traditional light box energy saving more than 70%. International leading lighting technology, so that more concentrated lighting, more efficient energy-saving;

3, Unique light box to prevent flashing function, lamp life longer;

4, variable-line light source for the surface, more uniform illumination, softer, more comfortable visual;

5, natural light color design, image more lifelike pleasing, visual effect more remarkable;

6, High-tech Guide plate technology Design, its principle and effect can be comparable to the notebook computer LCD display;

7, make full use of the light transmission characteristics of the material, the optical release rate is high, the light propagation is more uniform and natural;

8, the rapid opening of the design, the replacement of the lamp is simpler and faster.

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