Principle of magnetic absorbing light box

- May 23, 2017-

Magnetic absorption light box belongs to a ultra-thin light box, but it is more than ultra-thin light box to high-grade. The General ultra-thin light box has excellent quality, ultra-thin, easy to install, make materials good, energy-saving characteristics, of course, magnetic light box as a ultra-thin light box, also have these advantages. Magnetic absorption light box, as the name implies there must be a magnet. What is the technical principle of magnetic absorption light box, and how to produce it?

In fact, the technology of magnet gravity has always been in people's daily life, the earth is actually a large magnetic field, the human in this magnetic field, will be absorbed by the earth, and not floating in the air. There are some blackboard sassafras that we can find on the blackboard without other tools, that is, using the magnetic field principle. Magnetic suction light box is the case, the use of magnetism will be caught in the picture.

Sucker-type light box is also called magnetic absorption super bo light box, its design principle is the use of magnetic principle, there is a magnet, through the magnetic force will screen and light box fixed. Since it is ultra-thin light box, the thickness of the light box than the general to thin, the surface is the use of Acrylic panel screen printing technology, print out the effect of the advertising color is better, long time to display, there will be no yellowing situation. And the Super Bo Light box demolition is also very convenient, such as we have to replace the lamp, only a few simple actions can take some light box, the replacement of the lamp.

Generally speaking, we are talking about magnetic absorption light boxes are single-sided, which not only can make light boxes thinner, to achieve ultra-thin purposes, and the replacement of advertising costs very simple, won the overwhelming majority of users. Usually used in senior offices, subways, gift shops and so on. Can be described as a very wide range of applications, is very popular with users and respected. and magnetic absorption light boxes in line with the EU environmental standards, such as other materials can be recycled, as well as energy-saving is very high, than the traditional light box to save more than half of the electricity, and the very sight of the meat, looks comfortable, not human eyes to harm.

As a result of magnetic absorption light box than the general advantages of ultra-thin light box more, and the use of magnets and other raw materials, so the price will generally be relatively high, but the installation of more convenient, maintenance is simple, and display advertising effect is relatively good, so calculate down or more cost-effective.

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