Roll up banner graphic material-dirct printing fabric

- Jul 31, 2017-

what is dirct printing fabric?

A: digital injection fabric is one of the textile fabric which is finished with chemical procession, it is main used for being printed pictures by digital printing machine.

Using methods: using the dye-sublimation ink inkjet your designs on the digital injection cloth, and using the dye-sublimation heating machine heating up to 230 when the ink is dry, when the ink restore as before fully, the color of the picture will be become more bright and lifelike.

The advantage of using the digital injection cloth making flag ,banner streamer, printing designs.

1. Environment protection: compared to the traditional printing, it doesn't need water and modulate color paste, so there is no sewage emission.

2.quick and convenient :you can printed the designs on the fabric directly and take the final article in time. can print any pictures, no restriction.

4.shorten the making procession and saving human resources.

5.the total cost is cheaper than traditional printing.

The model of digital printing machine: air brushing machine; Pictorials machine; inkjet printer.

Ink: dye-sublimation ink;

The dirct printing fabric widely use as roll up banner graphic printing.



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