The detailed installment method of advertisement pulls cloth light Box

- May 23, 2017-

Pull Cloth light Box installation Although simple, but also to be very understanding grasp, installation is a big problem, the technology of illegal operation small led to the failure of light box, big will appear advertisement accident.

The following is an introduction to the detailed installation process of the Pull-down Lightbox:

First, the work to pull cloth light box installation location.

Measurement size: According to the location of the installation hole on the back of the light box or on-site actual size to determine the installation of light box fixed point.

Three, fixed light box of several conditions:

1 on-site wall for ceramic tile, marble, glass, etc., can be used to drill through the surface of glass drill bit, and then drilling expansion screw hole, and then fixed light box or use adhesive way.

2 on-site wall for cement or brick walls, can be first with impact drilling hole, and then with expansion screws fixed;

3 on-site wall for aluminum-plastic plate, plank, iron plate, etc., can be directly used with self tapping screws fixed;

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