The difference between thermal transfer and sublimation?

- Mar 26, 2019-

The difference between thermal transfer and sublimation:

  They are all the same printing process, the thermal transfer printing has a convexity, and the thermal sublimation is very smooth; the thermal transfer is a transfer pattern and a pattern, and the thermal sublimation is an infiltration pattern or pattern. This is the difference between two different qualities.

Thermal transfer is a printing process that uses heat to transfer patterns and patterns on a thermal transfer film directly to the surface of the substrate.

Features: High thermal transfer production efficiency, can be printed in a variety of complex colors, bright colors, saturated, vivid patterns, and high gloss, good pattern adhesion, durable wear

Application range:

  Thermal transfer printing is now widely used in high-end toys, stationery, wood, leather, high-end cosmetics and daily necessities to increase the added value of products.

Sublimation transfer is the use of the principle of thermal sublimation to directly infiltrate the pattern or pattern on the sublimation paper onto the surface of the printed matter.

Features: The pattern penetrates directly into the surface of the printed object. Does not change the original texture of the surface of the printed matter, the color is bright, the adhesion is excellent, and it is difficult to fade. Application range: Heat sublimation is used in clothing, handbags, webbing, bags, cloth mats, packaging supplies, advertising posters, etc. Supplies.


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