The features about wallpaper and wall covering.

- Apr 19, 2019-

Wallpaper features

1. Pure paper: rich in color and good visual effect. The wallpaper is divided into ordinary wallpaper and foam wallpaper. Ordinary wallpapers include monochromatic embossing, printing embossing, embossing and embossing, etc., which are the most used wallpapers at present; foamed wallpapers have high foaming printing, low foaming printing and foaming printing embossing, etc. There are several kinds of embossed patterns on the surface of the wallpaper, such as wood grain, parquet, imitation tiles, etc. The pattern is realistic, the three-dimensional effect is strong, and the decorative effect is good. It is suitable for interior wall skirts, living rooms and interior corridors. The high-foam wallpaper has elastic embossing on the surface, and has multi-functional wallpapers such as decoration and sound absorption.

2. Natural plant wallpaper: pure natural It is made of plant fiber such as hemp and grass. It is a high-grade decorative material with strong texture, non-toxic, breathable and sound-absorbing. The effect is natural and harmonious, natural and beautiful, but the production process is complicated. The style is simple and natural, elegant and generous, and the atmosphere of life is strong, giving people the feeling of returning to nature.

3. Non-woven wallpaper: made of non-woven fabric, printed with patterns, pure color, visual comfort, light color, flexible, not easy to age and break, breathable and moisture-proof

4. Metal wallpaper: strong texture, strong stereoscopic application range is small, usually this wallpaper is only used in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. A small part of the special wall effect of modern homes is adopted.

5. PVC rubber surface wallpaper: It is best not to use the home decoration, because it contains a lot of chemical raw materials, it is easy to feel uncomfortable in its space for a long time.


Seamless wall covering features

1. Seamless wall covering is an upgraded alternative to wallpaper. It also has a colorful pattern and a magnificent color. Because the raw materials are made of polyester fiber. The grade is higher than the wallpaper. The seamless wall covering has a specially treated surface, the texture is soft and comfortable, and the texture is more natural, the color is softer, and the artistic effect and noble temperament give a warm and romantic feeling.

2. Seamless wall covering is more environmentally friendly than wallpaper, and it is also very simple to update, and has stronger sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties. It can also be fireproof, mildewproof, anti-mite, and very scrub-resistant, and its moisture-proof and breathable properties are obviously stronger than Wallpapers, can better adjust the indoor climate.

3. The seamless wall covering itself is flexible, non-toxic, tasteless and has a strong sense of life, making it suitable for paving in the lively living room or dining room, and more suitable for children and elderly bedrooms.

4. The simple and easy-to-replace feature of seamless wall covering allows you to change the new wall of the room as you like. You can choose a style of wall covering to reflect the uniform decoration style, or according to different rooms. The characteristics of the function choose different styles of wall coverings to reflect their wonderful and colorful.


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