The type of lamp bar used in the drawing light box

- May 23, 2017-

In recent years, the cloth box because of its simple installation, no size restrictions by the market's favor, along with the fine workmanship and manufacturers of the market's high concern, led shutter-type tension cloth with its energy saving and environmental protection, installation simple, by the light box factory and advertising market hot.

The pull cloth lamp is divided by the voltage

12V Pull Cloth Light strip

High Voltage 220V pull cloth light strip

According to the current divided into constant pressure and constant-current pull cloth lamp

According to the lamp bead 2835 rolls the lamp strip

5730 Pull Cloth Light strip

In terms of safety and stability, the 12V stretch strips have been and will always be the main market.

LED aluminum substrate pull strips of heat dissipation, life in more than 50,000 hours, 2835 bright bead 40-45lm must be in the aluminum substrate heat dissipation conditions to achieve low light failure. For the Senior Light Box production enterprises, and advertising businesses, this is an important indicator, long life maintenance costs low, in order to bring real value to the end customers. LED glass brazing strips need to be added another cooling aluminum groove to ensure a long period of normal work.

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