What is Blockout Banner?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Blockout Banner is a kind of inkjet substrate in advertising. It can print two images of the same or different at the same time on both sides. The material of the Blockout Banner itself is composed of white. In order to opaque, the Blockout Banner middle clamp A layer of black cloth, but in general the middle layer of black is invisible from the surface, the Blockout Banner is an outdoor waterproof sunscreen material, through the printing principle, the designed file is printed on the double side surface through the computer output. Form a painting, Blockout Banner weight: 440\510\610 (±20gsm). Width: 1.02 - 3.20m, for large outdoor advertising, with cold resistance, flame retardant, UV protection and so on.

Blockout Banner can also be called double-sided printed cloth. The Blockout Banner material is soft. Now many outdoor spray cloths are hung in the outdoor. It is easy to curl on the edge of the wind and rain. If the typhoon is bigger, it is easy to be broken. It is not possible to achieve a double-spray propaganda picture on one piece of material, and the Blockout Banner can solve the problem of curling, and at the same time, it is also very good to achieve the effect of the propaganda picture. Generally Blockout Banner is more expensive than other common materials, Blockout Banner screen HD, suitable for use in high-end places. Such as: shopping malls hanging flags, car stores, chain stores, etc.

Blockout Banner can also spray one side at the same time. If you want to achieve the picture on both sides, you must reserve bleeding when making the file, so that the two sides of the picture will not be too far apart.

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