What's the difference between pulling a light box and opening a light box?

- May 23, 2017-

The traditional ultra-thin light box custom size is limited by the guide plate 2.44, therefore can no longer meet the 2.44 above ultra-thin light box production needs, and the use of the cloth lamp-box with high-definition inkjet cloth and backlight technology, so that the pull-cloth lightbox without the guide plate can also achieve high-definition, highlighting even the screen effect.

Let's talk about the similarities between the light box and the ultra-thin light box.

First: Pull cloth light box and ultra-thin light box material is the same. Two types of light boxes are used in aluminum alloy profiles produced outside the frame.

Second: Pull cloth light box and ultra-thin light box have flip function.

Third: Pull cloth lightbox and ultra-thin light box can be used LED lamp beads as a source.

The main difference between the light box and the ultra-thin light box

(1) ultra-thin light box The largest size is generally within the 2.44, and pull cloth lightbox generally no size restrictions, can be customized according to the actual needs.

(2) Ultra-thin light box production must use the guide plate as a guide to the media, so Ultra-thin Lightbox is also called Guide Plate ultra-thin lightbox, and pull cloth lightbox can not need guide plate.

(3) Ultra-thin light box is generally the picture of the lamp, and the use of the cloth box is scraping cloth.

(4) Ultra-thin light box using flip-fixed advertising screen, pull cloth light box is the use of pull-ring tie with fixed advertising canvas.

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