Analyzing The Application And Foreground Of Light Box In The Propaganda Column

- May 23, 2017-

Publicity column light box is now a city's intangible assets, is an indispensable element of urban comprehensive competitiveness, publicity column light box has entered the people's production and life, in order to bring convenience to people at the same time for the image of the city has made a certain contribution.

The image of the city includes the exterior image and inner image. The size, architecture, layout, form and environment of the city are its appearance, and the essence of the city image lies in its inner image. A good city image will enhance the city's taste and inspire the urban sustainable development ability.

Today's billboards to change the traditional light box day effect is poor, there is no image, the text of the monotonous shape of the defect, with its lifelike image. Display rich glyphs, regardless of day and night all with gorgeous colors, strong texture shows a unique decorative effect. Advertising Lightbox is very widely used, whether it is hotels, shops, gas stations, airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc., advertising lightbox everywhere. Advertising Lightbox has become an important means to attract the public, such as Chinese and foreign enterprises, organizations ' propaganda image, display brand and so on, frequently appearing in various public places.

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