Be Careful To Choose Non-fading Materials And Color Painting Techniques For Outdoor Painting

- Jun 15, 2018-

Outdoor spray materials should pay attention to choose not to fade outdoor billboards to withstand the irradiation of ultraviolet light, it is best to have any uv protection materials, the exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays fade is associated with the intensity of ultraviolet (uv) light, of course, we know that indoor photo ink production of picture is placed indoor place without direct sunlight, only to bear some of indoor lamplight illuminate, in this case, if the ink dye fast a category 5 ~ 6 grade, then its indoor storage time (no visual badly faded) two or three years, so must first look at the pictures when faced with faded phenomenon have been uv radiation is strong, such as excessive ultraviolet light boxes in the tubes, Use inferior tubes to light one of the most common cause of the appearance fades in color is fading light, faded on the other hand, the reason is the dye met some oxidation of reducing substances, when the ink on the coated medium, on the above answer with glial membrane, or if the coating membrane containing oxidizing substances will have faded phenomenon occurs, such as when our hands stained with ink, very not easy to wash, disinfect with 84 a immediately wash wash, also it is for this reason, this fade generally has the following characteristics.


1. This kind of picture will fade quickly even if it is placed in a dark place with no light.

2. Light or neutral images feel very fast and sometimes take only a few hours.

3, the picture color faded to a certain extent not faded (reflect part), the specific situation will be slightly different, different material coating commonly basic pass, the current domestic market lamp less, it often happens is also caused by membrane faded, that we know can pass some specific practical test.

More photo images fade, it is worth noting is the cause of the water because there is no such as screen photo before the ink completely dry membrane. In particular, the weather is more need to pay attention to the wet season..

Before spraying technology mountain now, the production of outdoor advertising means the original, personnel quality is low, the professional is not strong, so in the advertising industry accounted for the proportion of small, in the early 1990 s, spraying technology was introduced into China, advertising manager of high technical content and the picture is well-made, in recent years, large print industry development is rapid.

At present, the three most popular international mainstream print equipment: the United States "sweet" series of spray painting machine with its variety complete, stable performance, excellent quality and dominance in the printing industry, from single to double, a large prints from 2 m to 5 m width, the precision of from 360 to 600, from four to six color print and color, can basically meet the needs of all kinds of outdoor advertising frames: Israel "angel" and "Noel" came second, the market share of three. In order to improve the print accuracy, a new large print equipment through using piezoelectric nozzle, using solvent paint, ink products without coated guarantee two years not to mention in the outdoor color, printing speed faster and faster, the accuracy is higher and higher, the mainstream models from two years ago, 5 m width to the current 2.5 3.2 m.

Color print machine made full use of electronic, computer control, the advantages of chemical industry, the production of traditional methods cannot, by contrast, colorful, shelf life is long, wide and batch without limit, producing method diversification, low cost, short production cycle, so the print machine to launch a short years, has been popular in the world.

There are several commonly used concepts to describe a painting machine: Width ', single/double, resolution, speed, color reduction performance, such as commonly used for 5 m in length, this is decided by the duct width on the market at present, the machine width increase again, not much practical significance, single/double refers to double-sided printing can be completed once, advertising print double-sided printing machine to complete both the front and at the same time, and one print machine to complete double spray is very troublesome, especially fine picture, size is larger, both the front and back of the card will appear different precision of potential difference, the resolution for the fine degree of making images, now generally use 9-72 dpi, the higher the resolution, image made more sophisticated, Corresponding speed is lower, generally have several resolution nozzle, use according to different situations, the speed performance and use by the machine itself resolution to decide, color reduction performance is essential to the picture quality is sufficient, the designers intention can be fulfilled from this decision.

Spray painting machine principle of domestic use mainly have dot prints and mist spraying two kinds, the "DE" and "angel" Israel using dot print principle, use principle of fog "sweet", the former is suitable for making big picture, the close observation of small frames, the principle of the two differences lead to the difference of picture, first outline clear picture for fog plastics, especially in the production line, text clothing is the most obvious: second mist spraying blurred images, a gray color, when close observation and dot printing color point is not soft, but bright colours when long distance observation, there is even a stereo feeling.

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