Brief Analysis Of Application Place And Scope Of Rolling Light Box

- May 23, 2017-

Scrolling light box is equipped with a rolling shaft system to drive the screen, according to the location of the set, the interval between the words of scrolling, automatic positioning and replacement of the screen, some even and supporting the lighting device to achieve in a lightbox display more than a picture of the use of the effect.

The bus station is the general way to change the painting lightbox. People are waiting for the bus, there is a certain amount of free time, the eye will be around to look at random, change the picture box in the ads at any time into our view, at this time, the human brain in an unconscious state of unguarded, for the contents of the ads will not deliberately repel and dislike, and in a peaceful attitude to face, in this case, the effect of advertising can be fully played.

People living in the community, also at any time everywhere this kind of scrolling lightbox ads, it is often interspersed in the green belt or leisure place, surrounded by the allocation of some of the wooden stool, blocks, not only occupy the land, but also to provide a place for the residents to rest, in this place to put a picture light box advertising, to achieve a peaceful and extensive advertising effect. This type of advertising also often occurs in certain places of activity. Such a specific activity gathered a large number of mobile population, lively atmosphere, people coming and going, the flow of large, with civilians, popular rolling light box at any time into people's eyeballs, to achieve a good publicity, advertising role.

Currently rolling light box has been used to refer to signs, road brands, shelters, Reading Bulletin, ATM shields, advertising bins and other media

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