British HP Equipment Makers Have Gone Overseas To Find The Real Source Inkjet Manufacturers.

- Jun 11, 2018-

Nowadays, all walks of life are becoming more and more large-scale, standardized, professional, small and noisy companies are gradually merged or disappeared, and the advertising and painting industry is certainly no exception. There are few manufacturers in the real source of ShenZhen.

In October 25th, 4 people from the British HP painting equipment company were interviewed in Guangzhou for 3 days in the painting industry, mainly to understand the current market trend and the future development trend of the painting industry. Our company, the color King advertisement, is honored to be the first source inkjet maker to be interviewed.

British HP equipment makers have gone overseas to find the real source inkjet manufacturers.

On the day of our visit, the director of our factory served as a company representative. During the visit to the production plant, the director of Shan Shan introduced the equipment that our company has now, and the points for attention in the use of the equipment. The customer sighed, "the factory is tidy, clean, and equipped with large scale and strong strength.

British HP equipment makers have gone overseas to find the real source inkjet manufacturers.

During the interview, British inkjet makers asked three main questions:

First, in recent years, what is the change of the inkjet market, the change of demand and the trend of the future?

Answer: from our customer, the customer's request is much higher than before, the former portrait to high definition, high definition to UV, precision from 8px to 12px, then to 14px, the requirement of vision, the requirement of precision have already been high grade. From the material, equipment, processing, and personnel costs, the cost is getting higher and higher, the size is small, the companies with incomplete facilities will not be able to load, so the painting industry will eventually move towards the scale, specialization, the function of the equipment, the demand for capacity will be higher and higher.

Two, our own core competition.

Answer: no matter which industry, service is very important, to meet customer needs and solve customer problems is the most critical. Every single card has been taken over, the customer is seeking peace and satisfaction, the most afraid is the trouble, so it needs simple words, professionalization, from design to production, and then to installation, one dragon service is very important. If there is a sudden situation in the process of cooperation, first of all do not count on the problem of benefit and loss, first to solve the problem first, and to sum up the problem after the matter is solved, so the service is very important and the word of mouth is done well, which is the core competitiveness.

Three. What is the most troublesome problem encountered in the process of cooperation?

Answer: there are knowledgeable and unknowledgeable clients in cooperative clients. The most headaches are the information asymmetry in the process of communicating with the unknowledgeable customers. The customers are ideally, conceptually conceived, and we provide the solutions and materials. In this case, we are in the direction of pursuing customer satisfaction. We will provide professional advice on the description of the customer's information. And then send a variety of effect samples to the customer, when the customer receives the sample, only need to select their own satisfactory material samples, which will greatly reduce the difficulty of our operation.

In the joke, the British inkjet dealer asked us why we always chose the advertising and inkjet industry. At first, Gan always did the news industry, in the news industry to see the advertising and painting of the market, so it started the painting work, from the original Roland spray painting machine to the more than 5000 square production base, all the way up the road bumpy!

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