Can I Print Varnish With Uv Printer And Varnish Nozzle?

- Sep 10, 2019-

In the past one or two years, it has become more popular in the industry to directly add varnish to the uv printer to print varnish, which is to save costs and improve efficiency. In fact, uv printers directly print varnish is very limited.

UV printers are now in the printing market and are far ahead. Many other printing methods such as thermal transfer, silk screen printing, etc., all turn to UV, easy to save, no plate making is the biggest advantage, and the ink is also environmentally friendly, more widely applicable to various industries, the future market is definitely uv The world of printers, whether it is the decoration and decoration industry, advertising, or processing and printing, uv has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Now customers are more and more aware of UV printers, and the pursuit of machines is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the UV printer is fully functional, and it can also spray white ink or print varnish.

Everyone knows that the Ricoh G5 nozzle UV printer is a nozzle with 2 colors. The general configuration is C, M, Y, K, W, G (varnish), 2+1+1 configuration. The imported Ricoh G5 nozzle is used. The built-in nozzle is all steel, anti-corrosion and high precision. The Ricoh G5 nozzle is a professional industrial production nozzle that can operate continuously for 24 hours. The uv ink is a viscous, oily ink that is a bit corrosive and certainly has no problem with our Ricoh nozzles. But what about varnish? Can I print it out with a printhead?

The UV flatbed printer uses a single nozzle to print varnish, which is fine. Generally, the nozzle spray oil is the part that the customer needs to print on the material. For example, print a colored butterfly on the glass, and the butterfly wings are sprayed with varnish, so that it will be radiant and look shiny. The sample as a whole looks a lot higher, which adds a lot of price to the product.

It can be said that Ricoh UV printers print varnish machines at a heavy price. The first is the cost of the machine. At present, the Ricoh G5 nozzle is used for printing varnish. The cost of a nozzle is increased. The price of a Ricoh G5 nozzle is 20,000, and another 20,000 tarpaulin card is added. The overall cost has increased by about 40,000! Adding a special varnish machine costs about six or seventy thousand, the effect is better, the speed is faster, and does not affect the performance of the uv printer. (Hongsheng Longrun's cooperative customers can enjoy the sharing of varnish resources for free, please contact customer service for details)

At present, some manufacturers use Xiaoliguang GH2220 to print varnish. The cost of Xiaoliguang nozzle is relatively low. The price of single head is 4,000 yuan/piece. If varnish is added, only two nozzles can be added, and the cost is 8,000 yuan. However, insiders know that the parameters of Xiaoliguang GH2220 are 3PL precision, Ricoh G5 is 7PL precision, and the accuracy of Xiaoliguang is finer than Epson (that is, the nozzle is small) plus Xiaoliguang is semi-plastic, semi-alloy. The nozzle is suitable for printing special inks (lower viscosity ink), while the UV varnish is much thicker than the ink, so the varnish plug rate is high and scary! As a result, the scrapping rate of the nozzle is high (the replacement cost is high)

To sum up, there are too many words, I am afraid that you can see it a bit messy: uv printer plus varnish nozzles can print varnish, it is mainly used for local varnish, and large-format varnish like background wall needs varnish The machine is more cost-effective.

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