Difference Between Wallpaper Or Wall Covering?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Wallpaper features:

1, from the material comparison: the wall cloth raw material is polyester fiber, the grade is relatively high, the raw material of the traditional wallpaper is wood fiber, the feel and texture is very good.

2. From the perspective of environmental protection performance: the wall cloth adopts a specific adhesive glue, has no odor, and the environmental protection index meets the requirements of the national interior decoration regulations, and can be accommodated on the same day of construction. Traditional wallpaper, we mainly use the wallpaper itself, and the glue is rarely used. After the construction is completed, it can be accommodated in 3 days.

3, from the texture point of view: in the texture of the wall cloth is better than the wallpaper.

4. From the perspective of durability: the color fastness of the wallpaper is poor, and the long-term paving will fade, turn yellow, and destroy the indoor environment; the seamless wall cloth is made of polyester fibers combined and intertwined, which has better solidity. Color ability, can maintain the paving effect for a long time.

5, from the maintenance situation: Wallpaper in the air humidity environment is easy to breed mold, not only destroy the decorative effect, the wallpaper will be destroyed and can not be repaired; and the seamless wall cloth moisture-proof and breathable is significantly stronger than the wallpaper, once the pollution Easy to clean; scrubbing the same area multiple times will not rub or break, and leave no traces.


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