General Knowledge Of Adhesive - Backed Printing Advertising

- Jun 19, 2018-

It is generally used for indoor and outdoor advertising and painting, its advantages are high pixel, clear image, and commercial products and image publicity.

Some merchants used to say that they should stick their own back glue spray painting pictures, the result is not to stick a crumpled, is not sticky and is not correct, little imagine to stick back glue or need a bit of skills. Here is to bring you the professional back glue spray painting method

First opened a small piece of movable back glue at the back of the protective film, the picture above two horns on the wall, assistant to gently pull the following two horns, the entire screen platen on the wall, paste the side with a wet cloth to wipe flat already paste part side down jie protective film, step by step slowly the picture on the wall. (do not uncover all the protective film at one time, and release the protective mold bit by bit according to the adhesive direction, so as to prevent inadvertent overhanging of the unpasted part and sticking to other places.) The frame is horizontal and can be pasted from left to right. The pasting of removable back glue needs skill very much, often can stick slanting, stick crinkly, so general let spray painting company arrange more skilled production staff to carry out as far as possible. It's best to have two people working together: one person pasting, one person assisting. Using a small towel instead of a hand wipe when pasting will make it easier to smooth out the picture.

Another method is diluted detergent, to stay inside with watering can, the movable back glue on the back of the protective film peel, the shop is on the ground clean desktop or, good water and detergent using dilute solvent lamination surface spray right amount water, try to spray evenly, see a little wet, then you can put up. Such benefits is a temporary move to dilute the back glue viscosity, avoid a run into the surface of the paste viscosity stability, before you stick the picture not good, in a short period of time can also adjust the details, dried up the water over a period of time will stick. This method is not suitable for waterproof walls.

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