How Much Does The UV Flatbed Printer Printing Cost?

- Sep 10, 2019-

Doing production costs and profits I believe that every friend will have to be very clear first. The purchase of uv flatbed printers is the same. The cost of uv flatbed printing must be understood before purchasing the machine, so it will not be passive when buying the machine. UV flatbed printers are both money-making tools and consumables. In fact, the real cost of uv flatbed printers is very low. Let's take a look at what uv flatbed printers are consumables?

The main cost of the uv flatbed printer is shown in the chart below, where the main cost is consumables, because the consumables are long-term, but then again, the consumables are much more used when the goods are much more. So the cost of consumables is as long as you know it.

So what is the printing cost of a UV flatbed printer?

1, ink cost

The ink loss per square is 15 ml of full-size printing. The price of one milliliter of ink is 0.5 yuan, which means that the cost per square of ink is about 5 yuan.

Coating: Tile, glass, metal three materials must be coated before printing, the coating prints a square cost of 0.3 yuan

Varnish: If you want to polish after printing, print a square cost at 0.5 yuan (optional)

Remarks: weak solvent ink: 3 yuan per square meter, no white ink, have to be baked; UV ink: 4-5 dollars per square meter, add white and add 5 dollars, that is, do it.

2, UV lamp (the loss of the general lamp is about 0.1 yuan per square)

3, the nozzle loss of the machine (the general nozzle is no problem within 3 years, the light will not break the average loss per square meter: 2 yuan)

4. Labor: The wage level of each place is different. According to the lowest level in Shenzhen, 2030 yuan/month, 11.5 yuan/hour, the machine speed is 20 square meters/hour, and the labor cost per square meter is 0.6 yuan.

5. Electricity fee: The same charging standard is not the same for each place. It is calculated according to the first power of 1 yuan. The machine speed is also calculated according to 20 square meters per hour. The machine is powered by 3kw, 1KW/h*3kw=3kw/h. One hour and three kWh, the cost is 3 yuan, and the production is 20 square meters, then one square meter is 3/20=0.15 yuan.

Total: ink cost + UV lamp loss + machine nozzle loss + manual + electricity fee = 7~12+0.1+1~2+0.6+0.15= 8.85~14.85 yuan. In terms of profit, the current pure processing fee on the market is generally between 30 and 150 yuan, with a total of 80 yuan per square. If it is a direct printing cost, then the profit is even more impressive.

Note: This price is only used as a reference. There are some Ricoh nozzles on the Internet to save ink, but also Epson nozzles to save ink, in fact, according to different regions, different models, different process printing costs have a certain difference!

In fact, the customers who bought the uv flatbed printer went back to the production, and it is very clear that the cost is proportional to the profit. As long as the production is much more, the ink consumables are used much more. If your goods are done very much every day, the resulting If the added value is very high, in fact, many customers are ignored. If you want uv printing to be cheaper, you should pay attention to it when you buy the machine. For details, please call us!

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