How To Choose A Bus Shelter

- May 23, 2017-

1. Is it safe to use?

Shelters are indispensable for people to travel, so the safety factor of shelters is especially important, in the actual use, the safety of the shelter is not only relying on the product itself, but also the installation of products, environment, season and other reasons, so the choice of comprehensive strength of the partners is not only responsible for their own, but also the majority of users are responsible.

2. Is the shape suitable for the environment?

The shelter is not only the accessory of people's daily life, but also the ornament of the landscape. The shape, color and material of bus shelter should be coordinated with the whole environment to avoid the phenomenon of incompatible products and environment.

3. Is the product durable?

Outdoor products, unlike our daily necessities, can be changed to a new one. Outdoor products to be durable enough to have a certain service life. Product durability and product material has a great relationship. If the product material is poor, the product use is affected, after sale problem is more.

4. Is the late maintenance convenient?

Cleaners regularly clean the pavilion for normal use. The accidental damage to electrical appliances can be replaced in time to maintain the consistency and integrity of the appearance.

5. What production process?

Good products can not be separated from the advanced production technology, the production process of good treatment, the additional properties of the product may be added to extend the service life of the product. If the material selection is not good, surface treatment process selection is not appropriate, it is easy to lead to product rust, corrosion, shorten the product life, affect the appearance of products.

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