LED Advertising Screen Construction Process Requirements And Matters Needing Attention

- Jun 14, 2018-

1. Explore and measure LED advertising screen placement site

Let's look at the level of the walls and the ceiling.

Indoor and outdoor ceiling can be freely constructed.

2. LED advertising screen size, drilling hole

If outdoor cannot free access to the ceiling, the wall was blocked, use electric drill to about 5 cm from the wall of borehole, check the steel Angle bracket position, then use a drill to drill in the estimated position, one or more bits to the desired location, the number of the distance from the wall of the hole, and then the average other holes; If outdoor walls is not free access, but without the barrier of wall, the amount of steel in the room to measure the distance to the wall, outside the distance on the ceiling of the borehole, followed by other hole drilling uniform if both inside and outside can freely in and out, so the distance from the pole Angle out away from the wall, then drilling (according to the above method).

3. Place the LED advertising screen bracket on the wall around the baseline.

Base on the position of the aluminum plate (as long as the support bracket is not loose, attach to the wall).

4. Insert fastening screws

If there is a wall obstacle, it is easy to install by drilling next to the hole. If there is no wall obstacle, then insert the indoor ceiling fastening screw.

5. Fixed aluminum plate

Measure the distance between the holes from the back of the bracket to a 3.5cm hole, then fix the width of the 51cm aluminum plate on the back of the bracket.

6. Fixed LED advertising screen bracket

Insert the fastening screw into the supporting hole and tighten it with a wrench.

7. Place wire

If there is a wall obstacle behind the support hole, or find the nearest hole, and then dark lines, if not dark lines, clear lines, and try not to use wireless. Plug and connect the power cord.

8. LED advertising screen power installation

For 3-4 rows of advertising screen, use the appropriate power source with the total power, so as not to cause too much current and voltage shortage, and vice versa. Install the power, then connect the power cable. Pay special attention to +- power.

9. Install the control card and connect to COM port

About advertising screen control card in the brackets on the right side of the steel frame installation location, cable is one of the longest, second data line length is 2, 3, the shortest cable line and then connect the COM port interface, the screw again.

10. Install LED advertising display screen

Check whether the magnet leg is fastening, wiring is correct and in place, whether the data line insert in place, need special attention to flood. Advertising screen + - sea level (operation) carefully, it is necessary to tighten up the power cord is not loose, place order accurate data line.

11. Power supply detection, fault diagnosis and appearance inspection

Power check whether the screen is defective and text output is correct; According to error prompt, judge and troubleshoot; Check that the display is smooth and clean.

12. Install LED advertising display control software

Install drive control software, search LED advertising screen, display screen and finish installation.

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