Manufacturing Process Of Inkjet Printing Cloth And Influencing Factors Of Portrait Printing

- Jun 29, 2018-

The 550 painting cloth of the manufacturing method of the painting cloth.

Base cloth is 500X500D, 9X9, generally heavier, from 320 g / sq m to 440 g / sq m. The thickness varies from 30 wire -40 wire, the main performance, the surface is smooth, the painting color is bright, thick and strong.

The 520 painting cloth of the manufacturing method of the painting cloth.

Base cloth is 200X500D, 18X12, medium weight, from 250 grams / square meters to 300 grams / square meters. The thickness varies from 28 wire -31 wire, the main performance, the surface is smooth, the painting color is bright, thick, tensile resistance is general..

The calendering method.

The calendering method is to stir the PVC powder with the liquid plasticizer and other raw materials fully. After the spray painting, the pressure effect of the high temperature hot roll is glued into a whole, which is characterized by better surface evenness and uniformity of light transmission, and the advantages of the inner lighter cloth, but the width is generally not more than 3 meters, and the United States is 3. 645 and 945 of the two kinds of light box fabrics developed by M are produced by this technology, and the Lok Xi light box cloth developed by Korea LG company is also representative of such technology.

The manufacturing method of painting cloth: knife scraping.

The process of the knife scraping light box cloth is to apply the liquid PVC slurry to the positive and negative sides of the base cloth with a number of counter scrapers, and then completely combine it into a whole by drying process, then cooling and forming, which is characterized by anti permeability, tensile strength and strong anti peeling ability, which is a whole by the knife scraping product. The stripping phenomenon can be eliminated, and the strength of the splicing can be greater than the product itself through welding. At present, the width of the lamp box is 5 meters wide. Because of the complex production process, the production equipment is more expensive. Therefore, in the Chinese market, this kind of product is mainly imported and the price is relatively high.

Portrait painting color rich, production process fast, in many industries have been used, promote the development of the advertising industry, but sometimes portrait painting effect will be affected, which factors affect it, we look together.

First is portrait painting consumables, the consumables are divided into ink painting ink and medium, the ink market has imported original, imported bulk and domestic bulk, of course, the quality is good and bad, the better the quality of the ink will be more expensive, but the effect of painting will be better, the medium is mainly the outside and inside the lamp, the market  There are many kinds of media and brands, and the price and the effect are different.

Secondly, for the day-to-day maintenance of the portrait painting machine, it is necessary to regularly wash the sprinkler. When the painting is not painted for a long time, it should also keep the advertising and painting, and the filter should be updated regularly. If the line breaks down, it will seriously affect the overall effect of the picture.

Again in the operation of portrait painting machine manual level, portrait painting process in the process of color proofing and refutation processing needs manual operation, the operation level of the two steps will affect the effect of portrait painting, painting terminal computer graphics operation is more complex, it needs to be based on the performance, media, ink for computer playing. Like the color, this process often needs to be repeated several times to achieve better color effect, which exists in the subjective judgment, easy to appear deviation, in order to reduce this deviation, the painting company generally regularly training for such operators.

Finally, the painting equipment is used. The spray painting machine is divided into indoor and outdoor machines. The maximum width of indoor machine painting is 2 meters, and the painting width of the outdoor machine can reach 3 meters. Besides the difference with the painting width, it is related to the brand and model used.

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