Method For Maintaining Good Working Condition Of UV Printer Nozzle

- Sep 10, 2019-

After many people buy uv printers back, because they don't know how to maintain the uv printer nozzles, the nozzles are often blocked or damaged. We all know that to keep the nozzles in good working condition, you can do some appropriate and effective nozzles every day. Daily maintenance, which will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle blockage.

1. After the equipment is installed, and the maintenance of the nozzle is carried out at the beginning of the equipment startup

1. In order to make the nozzle enter the best working condition, before the uv printer officially begins to undertake the production business, please be sure to print some pictures as much as possible in 1~2 days. The screen is used in CMYK4 color, and C, M, Y, and K4 color bars are added to both sides of the screen to ensure that the four nozzles are always in the inkjet state.

2. When printing, take out the moisturizing sponge in the cleaning station at the right end of the bowl together with its bracket.

Second, how to maintain the nozzle after the daily work is completed

After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the nozzles in good working condition and to avoid clogging the nozzles due to volatilization of uv ink, please use the following nozzles for maintenance and let the equipment stay overnight.

1. Turn off the power of the uv flatbed printer.

2. Clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.

3. Move the handpiece back to the cleaning station at the right end of the 蕞 and tightly bond the nozzle to the Hydrating Sponge.

4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

Third, the treatment method after the nozzle is slightly blocked

1. After the nozzle is found to have a slight clogging phenomenon, press the PAUSE button to pause the printing operation without hesitation. Then use a syringe or a manual air pump to spray the ink from the nozzle to clean the nozzle. After cleaning, use a plastic squeeze bottle. Spray some cleaning solution onto the nozzle surface to wash away residual ink.

Note: Do not use excessive force when using the manual air pump, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

2, timely and decisive and thorough handling of the nozzle slightly blocked is very important to keep the nozzle in good working condition during long printing!

3. In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the condition of the nozzle and find out the cause of the nozzle blockage.

Fourth, the equipment is expected to be used for more than 48 hours when not in use

If the equipment is expected to be used for more than 48 hours, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned. Otherwise, the ink in the nozzle will dry out due to the evaporation of the solvent, which may cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The processing method is as follows:

1. Turn off the power of the uv flatbed printer.

2. Move the machine head to the cleaning position at the left end of the crucible, and place a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle to hold the cleaning waste liquid.

3. Use a glass syringe to extract or directly pour out the ink in the sub-tank, and then wash the sub-tank with a special cleaning solution.

4. Unplug the ink supply tube on the nozzle, and then use a glass syringe to extract 40ml of special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle for a total of 2 times. Do not blow off the residual cleaning solution in the nozzle after cleaning. Be sure to leave enough cleaning liquid inside the nozzle because the cleaning solution can moisturize the nozzle.

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