On The Future Development Trend Of Advertisement Media In Bus Shelters

- May 23, 2017-

At present, some large central cities have begun to rectify, and many small and medium-sized cities have not started public transport Hou billboards set in the bus shelters outdoor media, light boxes as the main manifestation. You can purchase multiple kiosk ad sites, either individually or on a network basis, to reach a wider coverage or even cover multiple cities.

Compared with other outdoor media, the bus Hou advertisement can transmit more specific information content than the large-scale outdoor advertisement because of the repeated and relatively long stay of the vehicle. Therefore, not only can pass the brand information, but also can tell some details the promotion information. Basically a little more than a year to recover the upfront construction costs, after the maintenance costs are also relatively low. It should be said that the proceeds are still high.

Public transport Hou advertisements bring color to life. At the waiting booth our first eye is the introduction of the big advertising, some film publicity, some warm tips, some of the country's great mountains and rivers, there are some of the state of life, there are some policies. In short, there are many types of Hou advertising, and regular replacement. The biggest feature of the shelter is that there is a large advertising column, the above will be updated in real time, the content is also varied, for us to wait for the bus to reduce a lot of boredom, but also beautify the city. It can be seen that public transport Hou advertising is a lot of benefits. As public transport Hou advertising, the need to publicize the content if positive, showing the civilized social outlook, rather than anything can be publicized. In order to manage the public transport Hou advertisement, not only in the content need to do a good job in the management and maintenance of personnel also need to carry out. In Beijing, bus shelters and stop-sign must have dedicated maintenance, regular clean-up to ensure that bus shelters and the station are in good condition for the perennial.

The constant change in the media environment has led to the growing of advertisers. Advertisers have more rational analysis of their own communication needs, began to pay attention to the efficiency of communication, the choice of suitable for their own media strategy portfolio has been widely adopted. Increasing the breadth of advertising, extending the scope of advertising coverage, stimulating the purchase impulse of consumers, and promoting the actual purchase behavior, has become the advertising main use of media portfolio strategy to achieve the goal of advertising.

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