OPPO And VIVO Account For The Huge Market Share Of Billboards

- Jun 25, 2018-

Are billboards all over the place without money? Of course not all of this adds up to the cost of mobile phones for consumers, such as VIVO's flagship Xplay6, which USES qualcomm snapdragon 820 processors and sells for 4,400 yuan on the market. Compared with the Nubian Z11 and Letvle Max 2, which also adopt the same configuration of this type of processor, they all sell for less than 2500 yuan, and the extra 2000 yuan per phone, where to go? We know a little about vivo and oppo billboards and sky-high celebrity endorsements.

This strategy also reflects a problem from the side. Consumers pay high prices for celebrities and advertising effects. Of course, the OV product design is excellent. If a market survey is carried out, the most dazzling streets are the green and blue of OV stores. We need to thank OV here, of course, as their agent and billboard manufacturer, because OV has left sufficient profit space for each mobile phone.

A lot of people here also want to get a piece of the OV mobile phone sales, but how to find a reliable manufacturer? Two things determine this.

1. Its production capacity per day

2. Product quality

Gasser shenzhen is one of them

In 2016, the gasser introduced three JHF R7000 / R3700 UV high-speed jet printing machine, increase the company's capacity to solar UV light spray painting of 7500 square meters, nissan outside light UV painting reached 15000 square meters, became the leader of south China painting market. The professional plant covers more than 3,200 square meters.

In January 2017, gasser shenzhen went on to make a huge investment in introducing VUTEk HS100 Pro, a large UV device produced by the us company EFI, one of the world's top UV equipment suppliers. The hardware and software of this equipment are very excellent. While improving the production capacity, it also ensures the quality of advertising images.

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