Some Questions And Answers About UV Inkjet Printer

- Apr 16, 2019-

1. Does the ink used in the UV inkjet printer produce a pungent smell?

The ink used in UV inkjet printer is an environmentally-friendly ink that has been rapidly developed in recent years. It can be cured instantly, does not contain volatile solvents, has no taste, and does not harm human health. As long as it is produced according to national environmental standards. , you don't have to worry about the taste. Uv inks are widely used, in addition to ceramic tile printing, mobile phone shell pattern printing, glass, leather, wood and other materials are also used in large quantities, these applications are closely related to our lives, especially worth mentioning is that UV inkjet also The use of children's toys, so the quality of the ink is also strictly controlled, the manufacturer will take the health impact as the primary consideration, layer control to control production and production, so not only do not have to worry about the taste of the ink, not to worry about the human body hurt.

2. Will the inkjet printing pattern on the ceramic surface be faded using a UV inkjet printer?

Ceramics have many distinctive properties compared to other materials, such as tight control of water absorption in the range, ultra-high smoothness, thermal shock resistance, glaze resistance, wear resistance and small color difference. These physical properties determine that ceramic materials are more suitable for UV inkjet printer printing, and ceramics are also excellent in chemical resistance. The ink will adhere firmly to the surface of the tile and is not easily eroded by the external environment. Many people are worried. The phenomenon of falling off and falling off will not occur. If you want the ceramic inkjet printer to print the pattern on the ceramic more firmly, add a coating process in the process of inkjet printing, and the ink is protected by one layer to completely eliminate the problem of color loss.

3. Can ordinary inkjet printer inks be used on UV inkjet printers?

The UV inkjet printer uses a special uv ink. Due to the different curing principles, ordinary ink cannot be used on the UV inkjet printer. The UV ink is a cross-linked polymerization reaction under the irradiation of UV light, which instantly cures the film into the film, and cooperates with the UV inkjet printer. The use will produce a unique visual effect, ordinary ink does not have such characteristics, if forced use on the UV printer, it will damage the machine.

4. Is the cost of UV inkjet printers high?

Since its birth, the uv flat-panel inkjet printer has opened up a new market. More and more materials can be printed, and the application fields are becoming more and more wide. The color inkjet printing requirements of various industries and various materials can be satisfied. The UV inkjet printer can directly print patterns on the surface of various materials such as ceramics, glass, and sheet materials, replacing traditional processes such as screen printing, etching, and filming, which not only reduces the number of processes, reduces costs, but also meets individual needs, achieving high efficiency. Low-cost, immediate processing brings considerable economic benefits.

5. What is the development prospect of uv inkjet printer?

UV inkjet printer is a new breakthrough in inkjet printing technology. The printing market is no longer a soft material. On the hard medium of a few centimeters thick, higher quality and more creative printing can also be carried out. Digital printing has since officially penetrated into the industrial field. Integration will bring us more business opportunities. In the future economic development, UV inkjet printers will also play a decisive role in decorating our lives more beautifully.


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