Structure And Composition Of Bus Station

- May 23, 2017-

Bus platform is a city traffic necessary tools, embodies a city's taste, is a city's indispensable furniture, is now more and more people are concerned about, the bus station can help bus passengers shelter, rain, to provide a resting place for bus passengers.

For the overall structure of the bus platform do you know? The development and production personnel of Heng Bo bus waiting platform manufacturers will give you a professional explanation about how to choose the material of the bus station.

Bus shelters This structure: bus shelters from the structure, including ceilings, columns, advertising light boxes, bus stops and mixed soil Foundation, these parts by different materials according to the relevant process manufacturing.

Bus platform generally with bus stop matching, in order to standardize the bus and passengers on both sides, and provide a shade, rain, stop the function of the safety of the traffic facilities. From the perspective of the appearance of the form, the bus platform generally has a pillar, ceiling and light box three parts. Personalized design of the shelter, the use of the overall design, the structure of the very regulation.

Stainless steel plate or galvanized plate is the most important metal materials, aluminum profiles are not commonly used now. Other materials also include PC endurance Board, aluminum-plastic board, tempered glass and plastic clamp. Different materials can be used in different places, such as tempered glass to be used as an advertising light box of transparent wall panels, may also be installed on the ceiling. Stainless steel waiting booths tend to be less tempered.

Bus shelters increasingly become a city's landscape, for the city's infrastructure construction has an unparalleled role, but many manufacturers in the production of shelters at the same time will overlook a problem, that is how to design shelters.

While designing, should take into account a lot of other factors, not only to consider its convenience, but also to consider its functionality, but also should consider its various characteristics, only together, can better experience the characteristics of the entire shelter, to gradually improve the design of shelters.

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