The Characteristics Of Common Ink And The Quality Of Film Recognition In Inkjet Printing

- Jun 22, 2018-

Inkjet printing ink is a kind of slurry adhesive with a certain fluidity, viscosity, flexure negative value, thixotropy, fluidity, and dryness all determine the performance of ink.

Viscosity: Is a kind of nature, to prevent fluid material flow is impeded fluid intermolecular interactions and the relative motion between the molecules, a measure of the ability of the fluid flow resistance, the ink viscosity and printing ink transfer, in the process of nature and structure of the paper, ink viscosity is too big, the printing ink transfer in the process of not uniform, and the paper to the phenomenon of hair, making hair flower, the viscosity is too small, ink emulsification, easily dirty, affects the quality of the print, the printing process on the size of the ink viscosity, depends on the printing machine printing speed, paper structure on the level of software, Factors such as changes in temperature and humidity in the surrounding environment.

Yield value: it is directed by liquid to flow need to move the smallest stress, yield ink print value is too large, will become illiquid and not easy to open, yield value is too small, the branches and easy up dizzy when printing and print is not clear, the size of the yield value related to the structure of the ink, the ink flow degree has a direct impact, is an important test of offset and gravure printing ink quality indicators.

Thixotropy: refers to the ink with the stirring action from external force stir from thick to thin, initiate mixing action to stop, after returning to the original consistency of the phenomenon, as a result of the ink thixotropy, printer ink in ink roller due to the rotation of the role, will increase the liquidity, increase the ductility, make it easy to ink transfer, after the transfer by the printing ink to paper, because of lost the role of external force, ink by dilute thicken and not around to flush, form a good impression, if the thixotropy of ink is too large, the ink in the ink fountain is not easy to turn, will affect the ink roller ink transfer function.

Liquidity: refers to the ink under its own gravity, would like a large spray liquid flow, the ink viscosity, yield value, thixotropy, at the same time also has close relation with temperature, ink liquidity can relationship with ink poured out from the container, from the ink storage tank to the printing press ink fountain, successfully passed from the ink fountain, good distribution of the printing press, the layout of transfer and transfer to the substrates, also affect the effect of printing.

Generally, the quality of the marking film can not be known until it has been used for a period of time. The following information can be used to quickly identify the grade of the quality of the film.

1. The glue of high quality lamination must be transparent. If the front and back of the lamination do not look the same color, it is not a good material.

2. The glue of high quality film coating must be environmental friendly. Tear off the bottom paper and hold the PVC in both hands for one minute.

3. See the uniformity of the glue, and the advertisement will spray and tear off the bottom paper to see if the glue is evenly applied in the light.

4, whether print consumables PVC color is pure, broke the bottom paper and stick on the transparent or translucent PVC, close to the light observation after the pervious to light the color of PVC, to see if it even, if it is found that after the pervious to light color, such as ink injection water "t" shape, color in depth, then PVC quality problems.

5. Observe whether the PVC coated with film has a large shrinkage (over 5mm). If the coated paper is exposed more frequently, the shrinkage of the material itself is too large.

6, flat print advertising by observation of lettering performance, good engraving logo film has an outstanding performance, can engrave Chinese characters and the size of about 3 mm 2 mm about English, and because of the bottom paper on silicone oil control properly, the jie word is very easy, poor glue the sticker of words will produce "drawing".

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