The Deference Between 3P Fabric And UV Soft Film

- Apr 22, 2019-

The soft film is made of polyvinyl chloride and made of 3P polyester fiber. Can be printed by UV inkjet or photo machine. The soft film on the characteristics is elastic, and can be stretched by 2-5 cm in 1 meter, and stretched by less than 1 cm in 3 meters of 3P cloth.

UV soft film, feel description: UV soft film will have a certain elasticity, the cloth surface is smooth, delicate, light transmittance to the light is good, divided into coarse and fine lines, there are 18 silk, 22 silk, 25 wire three

3P cloth, feel description: the fabric is soft, the surface is fine and smooth, and the back is darker than the front fabric. The fabric has a very fine fiber. Under the 2.8x magnification lens, the arrangement of the cloth surface is still very close.

The surface of the 3P cloth is similar to that of the UV soft film. The fineness of the soft film can be found to be brighter, no obvious cloth marks, and the hand touch is softer, while the 3P cloth has a distinct texture. The softness of the soft film and the quality of the 3P cloth are different. If the quality of the material is better, the 3P cloth is better, and the price is higher. 3P is even better in life and image quality in practical applications.


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