The Distinction Between Mirror High Definition Painting And Ordinary UV Painting

- Jun 27, 2018-

The two decorative paintings are UV inkjet printing, but the latter is somewhat different.

Ordinary UV painting and decoration painting: strong three-dimensional sense, using UV ink curing (ultraviolet radiation principle), with corrosion resistance, anti scraping and other characteristics, printing patterns that dry and wait for sampling. UV painting machine has 4 sprinklers, respectively, CKMY four colors, can be based on the amount of inkjet to output the effect of 3D relief, the more printing times the more ink jet, the higher the cost.

Crystal painting mirror: Mirror crystal effect is in fact two processing in the UV painting, crystal glue covering the surface of the picture, so that it is isolated from the air, the feel is very smooth, better than the mirror glass. It looks like a simple atmosphere and many high-end products. Specific subdivisions include: Crystal print, crystal porcelain painting, and ice crystal paintings.

To sum up, although the mirror painting and the picture effect is excellent, the UV painting product has the effect of 3D relief, and it has an advantage in advertising and industry application, and the mirror crystal is more suitable for space decoration.

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