The Material Of The Elevator Advertisement Frame

- May 23, 2017-

1 the back plate uses the black ABS material, the comprehensive performance is good, the mechanical strength is high, strong impact resistance, creep resistance, have a certain surface hardness, good wear resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oil resistance, water resistance, heat can reach 90 Shan (even in the 110-115 Shan use), low temperature, can be used under-40 Shan.

2 The above frame uses the adjustable color ABS material, the outdoor LED display, according to the customer request different color, minus the painting process, not only satisfies the customer to the color request, has obtained the effective control in the cost.

3 Molding temperature: Mold temperature 40--90 Shan, barrel temperature 210-250 Shan

4 Transparent Board PVC (Poly chloro ethyl dilute) high transparency, wear-resisting.

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