The Printing Technology Of Inkjet Ink Today

- Jun 12, 2018-

Today to talk about the printing ink printing technology nowadays, the spray painting machine is widely used in all walks of life today, it is necessary to know the printing technology, reduce the blindness of spray painting machine choice. So let's take a look at it briefly.

Thermal foaming

Thermal foaming technology invented by HP (HP), and were introduced, and the technology of new development, its main representative printer manufacturer and representative products include HP Designjet series and ENCAD Novajet series.

The fourth generation of micro-piezoelectric technology

Invented by EPSON company, because of its high precision, suitable for medium range is wide, and is mainly used in such as ROLAND ROLAND XJ - 640\740, RS - 640, FJ - 740 k, AJ - 1000 series, the technology advantage is nozzle long life, high crisper, time to market, technology is mature.

Fifth generation micropiezoelectric technology

Invented by EPSON company, retain the original micro piezoelectric characteristics of high precision, but have larger speed increases, the main application Yu Wuteng VJ series, MIMAMKI JV series, excessive technology, the technology for EPSON company from four nozzle focus as a nozzle, the technology is immature, now in the market for basic experimental use, in use process prone to printing ink, nozzle clogging and a series of problems. At the same time, the emergence of these problems is also developed for EPSON company latest the sixth, seventh generation of micro piezoelectric technology provides a lot of help, is expected in 2010, EPSON will be to market the latest technology, the production of the fifth generation of micro piezoelectric technology at the same time.

Piezoelectric technology

It is mainly used in large spray painting machines over 2 meters, such as witte, seraph and feiteng series, which can be divided into two types at present.

A. On-demand ink supply technology, i.e. the nozzle controls part of the ink drop size and forming state, and controls the amount of ink to complete color combination. There are mainly former angels, SALSA and so on.

B. Edge continuous ink supply technology, that is, continuous ink output from the nozzle, but there is a bias magnetic field in the nozzle and the medium, and the ink drop is controlled by changing the size of the magnetic field. Continuous ink supply technology is applied in blue and wide plates because of the complexity of ink supply system and the difficulty in maintenance.

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