The Production Process And Practical Significance Of Spray Painting

- Jun 13, 2018-

The digital painting machine makes full use of the advantages of electronics, control, chemical industry and other industries, so that the traditional method of production can not compare with it, the color is bright, the shelf life is long, it is not limited by the amplitude and quantity, the production method is diversified, the cost is low, and the production cycle is short, so the drawing machine has been launched in a short period of years and has been popular all over the world. Advertising companies are mainly importing equipment, while domestic equipment has advantages in terms of price and industry, but it is still inferior to foreign products in terms of performance and technology.

There are several commonly used concepts in describing the painting machine: width, single / double-sided, resolution, speed, color reduction performance and so on. The width is 5 meters in width. It is determined by the base width of the market, and the width of the machine is increased again. There is no great practical significance. At the same time, the machine completes the production of the positive and negative sides, while the single side spray machine is very troublesome to complete the double side spray. Especially when the picture is fine and the size is large, the positive and negative side certainly will have different precision bits. The resolution is the fine degree describing the making of the picture. The general use is the 720--2880dpi, the higher the resolution, the finer the picture is made. As the corresponding speed is reduced, the general company has several resolutions of the nozzle, which is used in different circumstances, and the speed is determined by the performance of the machine itself and the resolution of the use.

The production process of the painting.

The first is that we need to do some measurement and field inspection for UV in the field of inkjet printing.

It is necessary to know how much area we need to use a painting field, so first we need to accurately measure the area of the field so that we can understand how much pictures are needed, and if it involves installation of the ejected pictures in the later period. As we paint companies, we can also know the difficulty of installation so that we can give customers reasonable quotations. If we are not familiar with the installation site and the price that is easy to install, it will be more "black" for the customers.

Second: for customers to provide the required inkjet screen for small sample spraying.

We generally help customers to measure some of the size of the field, and customers will be able to know exactly how big pictures are sprayed. Then the customer will have a professional design team, which will design the exact size of the picture to be sprayed. The color of the screen provided by the user will determine the color of the screen, which will ultimately be determined by the customers themselves.

UV flat jet painting is a kind of spray painting mode which is widely used by the practitioners in the painting industry now. The new technology of UV painting relies on the new UV flat painting machine. It has very high painting efficiency and high quality painting level. The appearance of UV flat painting has caused a shock to the pattern of traditional spray painting industry. Let us briefly understand the practical significance of the use of UV flat panel inkjet.

The appearance of UV flat painting is a more convenient and efficient way for consumers to paint. Compared with the traditional way of painting, the UV painting is mainly realized through the operation of the machine, so the effect of its work is greatly reduced by the influence of human factors, so the product level is generally more stable. For the consumer, the quality of the product is guaranteed, the production of the painting is also more comfortable, and the UV painting can be printed on a lot of three-dimensional things, and also provide more and more colorful choices for the daily life of the consumers.

For the producers, the meaning of UV flat painting is that it can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. In this way, the enterprise can produce more products in the unit working time, and the enterprise will also make more profits, and use the UV tablet to spray machine. Waste, the level and efficiency of machine production have always been stable, not as human resources, such as the level and efficiency of the floating, so from the production efficiency and product use effect is very beneficial to the enterprise.

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