Toshiba Nozzle UV Printer, How Can It Be?

- Sep 10, 2019-

Toshiba's UV printers are currently not available in China. One is Shanghai's real show, the other is Guangzhou's proud color, and the other is Shenzhen's Dacheng Guangchi, and several others can't name it. One is Wuhan's Reynolds (but this is not a professional UV), so it is really in the UV printer industry. Toshiba's UV printer is not reliable. To be honest, it really is not. To be good, we can only split the time from the time of this sprinkler!

First introduce this nozzle, print width 53.7MM, printing accuracy is 5PL, ignition frequency 28K, the general manufacturer's words are equipped with 8 nozzles, is 6 + 2., six color double white, a white, too affect the speed, price At present, it is about 6,000 yuan. Now, the practice of these manufacturers is the free warranty of the nozzle. First of all, let's talk about the few manufacturers who make this nozzle UV printer. Relatively speaking, the popularity in the industry is not too high. Can you put it? This nozzle is really hard to make a conclusion. What is the most valuable thing for a company and a product? It is something intangible. It can be said that it is a talent advantage, because everyone knows that as long as there is someone, there is nothing to be done. However, these manufacturers have not operated the nozzle itself for a long time. It is clear that the experience must be insufficient for the time being, that is to say, this product has not undergone sufficient market testing, but we do not deny this head. Not good, because imported Océ, HP has adopted this head, but people have more than one million machines, and Toshiba nozzles have the biggest difference. Heating way is to use the water cycle, this point is considerable technical difficulty.

In summary, at this point in time, it can only be said that the UV printer of Toshiba nozzle needs to be improved and improved a lot, but there is no guarantee that he will not be a good product in the future.

Toshiba's launch time was introduced to the market at the end of 2016. At present, it is used by one or two manufacturers in China, and it is still a trial section, and because the market share of Toshiba nozzles is very small. Toshiba manufacturers have introduced a two-year insurance policy. Although this policy has been greatly supported, the manufacturers of UV printers are still in a wait-and-see interface for Toshiba nozzles. The main reasons are:

1. The stable maturity of Toshiba nozzles is still unknown, and has not been reflected by many customers.

2. The newly launched nozzles have not been used in spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as customers in the North and abroad. The hidden problems have not yet broken out.

3. In addition to the slightly cheaper price, there is no other advantage, and the Toshiba nozzle has not been recognized.

4, Toshiba nozzle is actually in a top, no under the nozzle, the industry analysts, the UV industry will not be a long-lasting nozzle.

Toshiba nozzles called the 2-year warranty:

The 2-year warranty is not the advantage of Toshiba's nozzles, but the customer's friends have shown their comfort. Toshiba nozzles are not under 2 years of warranty under any conditions, just a disguise. Manufacturers have a lot of additional conditions:

First, the number of days of warranty time, the manufacturer said, this is a cardinal number, people who do not understand mathematics are easy to ignore, but the most important.

Secondly, the nozzle warranty method is to calculate the depreciation price of the nozzle first, and then subtract the depreciation price from the nozzle price. Then your nozzle is basically worthless. For a few examples:

If the price of the nozzle is 6,000 yuan, the manufacturer says that the warranty is 2 years (730 days), and you have used it for one and a half years (548 days), that is, the depreciation price is already (6000/730) * 845 = 4,500 yuan, that is, the depreciation expense has been It is 4,500 yuan, and the price of a nozzle is 6,000 yuan, and 6000-4500 = 1,500 yuan. In other words, after one and a half years of use, you are not giving you a 2-year sprinkler, but you are responsible for 1,500 yuan in disguise.

It is this 1,500 yuan but it has also kidnapped a lot of conditions.

1, only limited to ink block will be guaranteed. (Now it is already the age of industrial nozzles, almost no ink will block the nozzles)

2, each nozzle must use the manufacturer 4 liters of ink, generally one machine is equipped with 6 nozzles, which is the amount of 24 liters of ink that you must use regardless of the machine, this is a bundle.

3. It is necessary to upload the nozzle status twice a day, which is very cumbersome. That is, no matter if you do not do the goods today, do not turn on the machine, upload the state of the nozzle to the original manufacturer 2 times, or you can not guarantee it at any time.

4, the application for replacement conditions is 8pass high-precision feathering, but this condition can knock you down. Those who know color printing or friends who have used the machine will know that this is the most demanding condition. If there is a new nozzle, if anyone can reach it, who will replace it.

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