UV Flatbed Printer Printing Four Factors Are Not Good

- Sep 10, 2019-

UV flatbed printer has broken through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizing a true printing, no plate making, full color image once completed, then when the UV flatbed printer prints badly, do you know why? Here is a small series for you to explain.

First, the operation skills: the use of UV flatbed printer is one of the factors directly affecting the printing effect, so the operator must accept more professional training to get started.

Second, the coating treatment: some of the printed materials need to be equipped with a special coating, in order to print the pattern more perfectly on the surface of the material. The treatment of the coating is very important, the first point must be uniform, the coating will be evenly colored; the second choice is the coating, not mixed.

Third, UV ink: UV flatbed printers need to use special ink, the general manufacturers will be sold. The quality of the UV ink will directly affect the printing effect, and different inks should be selected for different types of machines.

Fourth, the picture itself factor: When the UV flatbed printer has no problem at all, it is necessary to consider whether it is the factor of the picture itself being printed. If the pixels of the picture itself are very general, then there is certainly no good printing effect.

The above is the reason why Xiaobian explained to you about the poor printing effect of UV flatbed printers. I hope to help you. For more details, please contact Hongsheng Longrun Customer Service.

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