UV Painting Exhibition Hall Exhibition Hall Layout Effect

- Jun 23, 2018-

UV spray painting color flowery, suitable for the venue layout, exhibition decoration, commercial nature of the exhibition, the picture is full of three-dimensional sense, color rich layer sense enough. The maximum support of UV spray painting material is 5 meters. It is not suitable for the exhibition layout of various commercial occasions.

UV soft film: suitable for ceiling, lamp box screen production;

Knife scraping cloth: it is suitable for making UV spray images of truss and grid display frame.

Black bottom knife scraping cloth: it is suitable for decoration of background wall and wall. If the background wall of large-scale theme competition has good light insulation and high quality and environmental protection.

3 p cloth: commonly known as Germany, belongs to more high-grade advertising material, fiber texture fine, smooth surface, soft, such as light-box picture kapoor, background decoration, partition is suitable for large format portrait and in-kind photo.

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