With Heat Sublimation Technology, You Can Directly Print Pictures On Clothes Or Pillows.

- Jul 04, 2018-

Now the mainstream printing technology is the heat sublimation, it can direct the picture or star photos through the software into the machine control unit, after setting up the proportion and size can be printed different patterns and specifications. This machine is now equipped with a large advertising factory and a garment printing plant, although its imaging is very clear, the speed of printing is slow and the environmental requirements are high, and the highest precision supports 1800DPI. The heat sublimation printer used by the general family is very small in size, and the general size is within 20 inches. Large thermal sublimation printers can support wide 5m. Unlike general dyeing, the principle of heat sublimation is that after heating the fuel to 180-200 C, the gap between the material molecules will expand and the fuel molecules will permeate in, so the depth of the dye penetration will be deeper than the depth of the painting when the heat sublimation is printed, but it is not easy to fade after the hot sublimation.

If you need a more in-depth understanding of the principle of hot sublimation printer can find Baidu encyclopedia or video, the general family does not recommend to buy hot sublimation printers, its consumables and maintenance are quite troublesome, can find some related factory workers, so it saves cost and does not need trouble.

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