What Are The Benefits Of Advertising For Bus Shelters?

- May 23, 2017-

Now the bus shelter is an essential facility for the city, what is the benefit of placing advertisements on the bus shelters? Below the bus shelter manufacturers to give you analysis of the bus shelters in the advantages of advertising 5 points.

1, comprehensive coverage, close to the public, the end consumer Interactive media representatives.

Bus Shelter light box with the daily life of the public, full coverage, close to the public, the Shelter light box advertising coverage of urban traffic arteries, especially occupy the bustling downtown areas and high-density residential areas, is the city of 1.5 million people daily work and living in many contacts and rely on the municipal livelihood facilities.

2, round-the-clock release, repeat reading, enhance consumer brand awareness of the important media

Bus Shelter light Box advertising heritage of its all-weather 24 hours rain or shine silently waiting for the character, accompanied by the daily life of the public, in imperceptible high-frequency Repeat advertising information, so that the audience more deeply feel the effect of advertising.

3, the issue of flexible, timeliness, promotion and opening of the first choice of customers.

We have a professional maintenance team, for the Suqian Shelter light box ads for the next issue, customer information can be changed at any time, like the public bulletin board in the shortest possible time to bring information to the people of the city. At the same time, our flexible publication period, the shortest release period of 15 days, "Storm put" the strong implementation of the media.

4, urban highlights, high-grade elegance, enhance the brand height.

Bus shelters Lightbox shape concise, beautiful fashion shelter gradually become the city of Hong Kong, a beautiful scenery line, waiting booth advertising also represents a city grade, the waiting booth set high density light tube, evening streamer overflow color, there are other media can not match the visual impact, highlighting the enterprise and brand grade.

5, accurate delivery, targeting the target population, save the cost of delivery, improve cost-effective.

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