What Are The Characteristics Of Bus Shelters?

- May 23, 2017-

Bus shelters in our traffic has a lot of role, not only to provide passengers with a shelter in the rain, but also for the vast number of businesses to provide a good advertising window.

1. Connect the city main road. Urban bus shelters connect the main traffic trunk roads, traffic flow such as weaving, wide coverage, the audience groups, regardless of the seasonal change regardless of rain and snow in the day and night to transmit information.

2. Ultra close distance promotion. The city bus shelters are close to the people and close to the public. The effect is intuitive, vivid, the picture makes beautifully, the advertisement appeal is vivid, the day scene seizes the human eye, the night streamer overflows the color, the visual impact is strong.

3. Bus shelters advertising repeated indoctrination, chain guidance, merchants sought after. Different sites, chain propaganda, repeated indoctrination to guide the content of the advertisement is deeply impressed by the vast number of merchants in pursuit of a propaganda platform.

4. Bus shelters for easy installation of advertising, information transmission fast. The installation is simple, the publication is quick, the information is fast, manifests. Low input cost and high efficiency.

5. Public bus shelters are flexible in advertising. In the advertising period can be flexible adjustment sections, near the sales and service terminals, determine consumer purchase intention.

6. Beautify the city, feast for the eyes. Pleasing, beautify the environment, dress up the city, enhance corporate visibility, with public welfare.

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