What Ink Is The Use For Hot Sublimation Printing?

- Jun 30, 2018-

When the hot sublimation is printed, the demand for the ink is higher, and the efficiency of the hot sublimation printing is not high. If there is a plug phenomenon or the large amount of ink consumption, the production cost will rise. Therefore, the key to the constant heat sublimation ink is whether the particles are small enough, the average diameter of the ink particles is less than 150nm (0.15um), and the next is the accuracy of the color of the printing screen. At present, the heat sublimation ink sold in China will be equipped with special cleaning fluid. Currently, the heat sublimation ink can be produced in Japan, Korea, China and Italy. Among them, Italy has the highest price, and South Korea is the next.

The certificate includes: Environmental certificate, water fastness certificate and color fastness certificate, but this can only be used as a reference, generally speaking, the word of mouth of the sublimation ink.

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