What Is The Reason Why The UV Printer Does Not Have A Single Ink?

- Sep 10, 2019-

In the use of uv printers, you may encounter the problem that the uv printer nozzle does not emit ink. It is not normal to not discharge the ink, which directly affects the production of the enterprise. Therefore, in the process of using the uv printer, it is necessary to do a good job. Daily maintenance of the printer nozzle, the next small series for you to explain the uv printer nozzle does not ink how to do?

First, analyze the uv printer nozzle does not produce ink

Under normal circumstances, the uv printer nozzle does not produce ink for the following reasons:

1. The worker is operating incorrectly and the printing system is faulty.

2. The nozzle is not cleaned and the nozzle is blocked.

Choosing an ink error causes the nozzle to clog.

In the use of uv printers, it is necessary to use the ink that matches the nozzle. Don't be tempted to buy cheaper inks, resulting in blocked nozzles or even scrapped!

If the voltage offset is not correct, if it is a new machine within 1 year, please see if the color offset of your ink color is negative. Generally, the voltage of the uv printer bought within one year does not exceed -0.5. If it is an integer, please put the voltage of this nozzle. Adjust to a negative number suggestion -0.5 If it is still broken magic then continue to turn down, if the 2-3 years old model then please adjust the voltage to a positive number has been added to the continuous ink.

Second, the uv printer nozzle can not produce any color reasons

Causes the printer to print no color (commonly known as whiteboard).

1. The F1/F2/on-tube/head drive chip on the main board is broken; the head cable is in poor contact or damaged;

2. The nozzle is leaking or the internal circuit is broken; the nozzle is blocked;

3. The ink suction pump (where the car returns to the position) does not absorb ink (no water) or oily;

4. The ink does not fall into the nozzle hole;

5, the nozzle installation is not in place, the gap is too large, resulting in poor head and contact;

Hongsheng Longrun promises: After the product is sold, it will provide installation services for customers and provide free training services for its installation and operation; after the product is sold, it will provide 2 years of warranty service, free maintenance and free replacement of some accessories.

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