Why Is Oil Painting Less Popular In China Than In Europe And America?

- Jun 26, 2018-

How big the decorative painting market is, see the sales of e-commerce can be seen, and oil painting in the decorative painting is very small, only to say that the majority of Chinese consumers are very rational consumption. Why do you say so, because not everyone's pursuit of art has reached the extreme, in fact, the boundary between art and life is often very vague, what is art and who can explain it clearly, the celebrity literati say that art comes from life and is higher than life, so the definition is imagining. The straight white point is the bullshit.

Decoration painting industry is the largest application of UV painting, UV painting has the aesthetic feeling of oil painting, and cheaper, this is why many consumers favor the main reason, we may wish to analyze the advantages of oil painting which can not be compared with UV painting.

1, oil painting has obvious pen marks, and UV painting in the processing of the picture is more uniform, of course, not everyone can distinguish, if there is no understanding of the principle of UV painting, it is more astronomical;

2, feel, oil painting in UV painting before the painting, ink and convex feel can be unique, but at present, UV painting can be embossed printing, it can be based on the path of the image of the 3D relief printing, oil painting can not be done;

3, save time, oil painting is longer than the printing period is longer than the old calendar, UV painting using ultraviolet light solid, with the same sampling, not easy to fade, as to save time also see ink, decorative painting belongs to the consumer goods not only long, but also more favorable prices;

4, the only characteristic of oil painting may be the smell, because the type of UV ink is far less than that of oil painting ink, so professionals can easily distinguish it.

5, the accuracy of oil painting depends on the naked eye, and the accuracy of the decorative painting is as high as 1800DPI.

Therefore, we can find that not the oil painting is not unpopular, but the development of science and technology to make oil painting more simple, lower cost, just as the car is getting cheaper now is a reason. If we return to the primitive society one day, science and technology is the first productive force, no one will question it.

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