Will The Glass UV Flatbed Printer Print The Picture Fade?

- Sep 10, 2019-

Will printing a glass picture with a UV flatbed printer fade? Often, like the smooth surface of printed glass, special treatment is required to ensure that the printed pattern does not fall off. If it is not a smooth surface material, these treatments are not required.

Then ensure that the pattern is long-term, five years, ten years, twenty years or more, it does not fade, does not fall off, and requires two process plans.

The first is to wipe the layer to improve the adhesion between the uv ink and the material.

Secondly, it is covered with a layer of varnish to isolate the pattern from the moisture in the air to achieve bright light and long-lasting preservation.

But choose uv flatbed printer to make glass, you need to pay attention to the modified equipment and original equipment, the total price range is between 1-60w.

Modified to a4, a3, a2, a1, modified with 9880, 7880, 4880, 1900, etc., unstable, less than 2 months scrapped, printing speed 0.3-1.5m2 / hour.

Original small 6090uv printer, printing format 60cm * 90cm, printing speed 2-5m2 / hour.

Original civilian 1313uv printer, printing format 130cm * 130cm, printing speed 3-5m2 / hour.

Original large 2513/2030uv printer, printing format 250cm*130cm/200cm*300cm, printing speed 15-60m2/hour.

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